PyConWeb 2019

One year later, and we find ourselves at the end of the 3rd consecutively running PyConWeb, this time PyConWeb 2019, and what a pleasure it was to attend!

PyConWeb 2019

Being one of the few Python web specific conferences around, PyConWeb is a great chance to take in and hear about experiences from other Pythonistas at the forefront of Python web development.

This years PyConWeb had an emphasis on security related subjects and website auditing, with Lukas Weichselbaum giving a great talk on CSP, with injection and isolation defenses being the main topics of the keynote.

Konark Modi gave an interesting talk inspired by his previous investigation, with booking information or design flaws often leading to a failure in correctly handled sensitive data.

Other notable talks were Bocadillo, a new asynchronous web framework integrating web socket support and Salsa™ by Florimond Manca, a demonstration on using Matrix and Riot to create an AI powered chatbot by Ben Parsons and a new talk on image handling by Doug Sillars as we saw in the first PyConWeb, this time discussing AI powered image manipulation using the Cloudinary service.

If robots are your thing, then the fun and engaging demonstration by Marwan Al-Sabbagh called “Creating Crazy Robotic Librarians” might have earned your interest, solving real world problems using kid inspired Test-Driven-Development!

Our CEO, Stefan Antonelli, held a talk called “An alternative approach to Plone theming”, whereby different theming strategies were discussed, ultimately based on our own internal experiences with theming Plone.

The resident artists' rendition of Stefan Antonelli.

A big shout out to all the Ploneistas who attended the event, of which there were a few! Let's make Plone great again!

Finally, a big thanks to the PyConWeb team and their impeccable management of the event. The conference announcements are always a laugh, if not for the inclusion of the Randominator and a whole host of raffled goodies!

The newly named char_field after his weekend of work.

From the operun team, thank you to everyone for making such a great event happen, and we’ll see you all next year!