PyConWeb 2018

PyConWeb 2018 has come and gone, only this time bigger and better than ever! Here's a brief amalgamation of the best bits...

PyConWeb 2018

What do you get when you mix a Python project and let loose a bunch of geeks to cook up a library full of jokes... "Why do sin and tan work? Just cos." which presented in a Lightning-Talk by Oier Etxaniz marks the entertaining closure of PyConWeb 2018. It's this amongst the plethora of talks curated and organised by the team behind this years PyConWeb, which has shown that with a little love, and dare I say tears, has made this years conference better than ever!


Hosted over 2 days at the Microsoft HQ in Munich and with a generous supply of muffins, coffee and code - this years PyConWeb focused more around the headless nature of applications, with an array of talks showcasing RESTful APIs such as Eve by Nicola Iarocci, and being aptly named "REST API for Humans™" to serve as a taster into the growing accessibility of delivering a client side API through Python.

Fans of Django weren't left out either. From life-stories to development, to database queries in Django, a whole host of talks were on offer giving the Django developers out there something tasty to sink their teeth into.

If the sound of videos and metadata gets you going, then talks such as "Stop Stalling! Delivering Fast Video without the Buffering" by Doug Sillars offered an interesting insight into content delivery, giving even the seasoned developers out there something to take home. A good thing too, being that the poor souls in the depths of Ireland have to do with a 2G connection to deliver your 4K content through a straw.

Want to contribute to the uprising of robots, then talks such as "State of the art image recognition..." and Deep-Learning from the likes of Nejc Zupan may have taken your fancy. ...and don't worry, I've already started collecting my 20,000 images of coffee cups, gotta train those models! With a terminal open and handful of AWS GPUs at the ready, we were treated to a live-demo showing how Deep-Learning can be accelerated and in-fact delivered at blazingly fast speeds, sure to get those creative ideas flowing...

I could sit here and write on and on, however after seeing "A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours: import pytz" by Miroslav Šedivý, I can only confirm that as of writing this, it's 16:26 PM... or is it..? You’ll have to check IANA for more on that.

For the team at operun and for myself included, this years PyConWeb was both insightful as it was hugely entertaining, with many topics covering a wide spectrum of fields and their professions that follow.

You Thought You Knew Python - PyConWeb 2018

If I thought I knew Python before, it doesn’t feel like it now - but that's a good thing, because it shows just how much more can be learnt, and how much I didn’t know Python had to offer.

We’re looking forward to next year, and hope to see you there too!