Bits, Pretzels, Plone and Python

Another Plonator sprint took place at the famous University of Munich this summer. This is a brief report of the topics that were covered during the sprint.

Bits, Pretzels, Plone and Python

The focus of the Plonator Sprint, whose name is inherited from the strong beer "Salvator" (topic of the festival in Munich during the first sprint), was to work on a Python 3 based Plone demo site with some other topics surrounding and also being covered. Improving the demo sites is a joint effort to better enable people to try out Plone without having to install it. We also wanted to make it easy for developers to test alphas, betas and pre-releases for the future. A nightly build to show the current state of the Python 3 port was also on our todo-list.


Plone Demo and Python 3

After some coffee in the morning, we started discussing the various topics that'll be covered during the sprint. A few hours later we were up and running with a Python 3 based demo. Philip Bauer updated the buildout in the demo-package to run on Python 3. A big thank you to Max Jakob for setting up some new hardware and to Steffen Lindner for making the deployment. The rest of the day went into setting up an automated deployment process with a reset of the newly created demo sites (Plone 5.2 on Python 2 and Plone 5.2 on Python 3) being interrupted only by some sushi.


Day two started deliciously with an assortment of pretzels and coffee giving us the motivation to bring the demo sites online. I myself created a draw for the new frontpage, giving detailed information about the current demo (build, Python and Plone version) being shown. A new overview which lists all the different demo sites is located on Next is to bring these official demo sites online at!



Apart from the other topics, I also started working on the collective.sidebar project, the bastard son of the Plone toolbar and navigation (Philip Bauer's summary). The packages’ first version is based on Jesse Stippels work to integrate the default toolbar functionality and navigation into a single viewlet, making it modular and easily integrated into existing sites. It's intended to be a drop-in replacement of the toolbar which has been developed with mobile-first in mind.

sidebar-screenshot.png and Python 3

Improving the support for Python 3 was the task of Thomas Schorr. He made a merge request on to smash some bugs.

We're looking forward to the next sprint, that is, before we all jet off to Tokyo for the Plone Conference 2018! See you there in fall!